Easily share screenshots

Windows: ShareX

1. First of all, download and install ShareX. Click here to directly download the software, for Windows.
2. After that, download and run this ShareX Config file. This will automatically set up's settings in ShareX. If you are only gonna use it on Discord, I recommend to download and run this config due to a new feature on Discord hiding URLs
3. You're done! Simply use Control + Printscreen to make a region screenshot or simply Printscreen for the whole screen, you can change the shortcuts in the settings.

Linux: Soon!

We're currently developing a way to easily make screenshot with on Linux.

MacOs: Soon!

We're currently reworking the MacOs application for to make it work with the latest version of MacOs

Android: Future!

We've put this in the queue of things we need to work on, this might take some time.